Sneak Peek: Snack Bags

In an effort to make our home more green I have been meaning to either buy or make cloth snack bags for our snacks. I'm sick of using plastic and really want to cut the habit entirely before #2 comes. So I went on a search for a good tutorial for a simple snack bag. Eventually I want to do something with velcro but for now I think that the pattern I found will work perfectly.

Now I know this is a bad picture but come on... it's 10pm and this pg momma is ready for bed! But I was to excited not to share :) I just used a scrap square of fabric, cut it into thirds and voila! Three snack bags. I'm going to try the mini size next! I think I can get 6 minis out of one fabric square.

And because I love to spread the love, here's the tutorial I used to make these babies. Amy at the Angry Chicken has some other crafty tutorials as well on her blog. Go check them out!

Now I know not all of you Mommas (and Dads) out there aren't crafty so if you need someone to make them for you I'd be more than happy to do so! Just shoot me an email at

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