Another New Product

I have been asked by a very dear friend and photographer, Tessa of Grin and Share It Photography, to knit/crochet a few items for her. One of these requests is a prop she uses in her newborn photography sessions called a cocoon. Basically it's an extended hat.

I was working on a sweater a few months back (before my little one arrived) and never got around to finishing it when life got busy. As I was cleaning up my future craft room I came across my unfinished project and had a bright idea. Why not turn the sleeves into a cocoon?? It's basically the same shape and with a bit of creativity I could easily change it into a cocoon.

So I did just that. And here's the outcome! What do you think? Oh, and Tessa, this is for you to try out :) You just have to give me feedback on the size and stretchyness (is that a word??)

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Tessa said...

Oh oh oh oh, I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!! The color is great and if this baby (the in my belly that is) cooperates, I'd love to try it out at Lily's newborn session next week. You're the BEST Dani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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