Sneak Peek: Snack Bags

In an effort to make our home more green I have been meaning to either buy or make cloth snack bags for our snacks. I'm sick of using plastic and really want to cut the habit entirely before #2 comes. So I went on a search for a good tutorial for a simple snack bag. Eventually I want to do something with velcro but for now I think that the pattern I found will work perfectly.

Now I know this is a bad picture but come on... it's 10pm and this pg momma is ready for bed! But I was to excited not to share :) I just used a scrap square of fabric, cut it into thirds and voila! Three snack bags. I'm going to try the mini size next! I think I can get 6 minis out of one fabric square.

And because I love to spread the love, here's the tutorial I used to make these babies. Amy at the Angry Chicken has some other crafty tutorials as well on her blog. Go check them out!

Now I know not all of you Mommas (and Dads) out there aren't crafty so if you need someone to make them for you I'd be more than happy to do so! Just shoot me an email at

Quilting A Bit on the Side

I had a few scraps left over from the large order I did a month or two ago so I got to thinking what I could do with all the lovely left overs. And than someone on a message board I frequent asked if anyone could make a quilt out of left over receiving blankets she saved from her daughter. She wanted to create a memento that her daughter could use over the years instead of just her infant life.

And I got to thinking that I may be able to pull it off. So I practiced. With the scraps. Now I'm no master quilter. Nothing close. But I have made a quilt or two in the past and am just rusty at it. Here's my first attempt while using up the left over scraps.

What do you think? I LOVE the colors but would love to make something bigger. This is a little bit larger than my rotary mat (18" x 24 ") so it wouldn't be more than a newborn blanket. I'm hoping that the recipient loves it as much as I do.

I'm going to give it to that mama friend who placed the large order I worked on just recently. She already chose the fabric and colors so I knew she'd love it. And, just like me, she's pregnant with a baby girl! Super exciting news seeing as though we both had baby boys first.

I'd love any input you have out there on quilting, new products and anything else you might like to see on EJ and Ellabird.

Blue Minky Cow Print Lovey: Part 3 of 3

And last but not least is the blue/cow print combo. I loved how creative I was able to get with these. Since there was so.much.fabric I was able to make girly, gender neutral, and boy ribbon sets.

These will make fabulous shower gifts for any expecting mom.

Email me at if you would like to purchase a similar lovey.

Green Minky Cow Print Lovey: Part 2 of 3

The other fabrics that came with this order were a green and blue minky and a cow print silky fabric. These were fun to play with as I hadn't used minky before when sewing. I see a lot of soft minky in my future!

The only problem I had with the minky was how much it shed. I must have gone through two lint rollers during the whole process of making these. But the end product was worth it!

Email me at if you would like to purchase a similar lovey.

Flower Coral Loveys: Part 1 of 3

A mommy friend of mine recently contacted me about making a lovey set for a girlfriend of hers for her baby shower. She had originally wanted a girly asian style print but we just couldn't find the right fit so she decided to ship some fabric to me instead!

She ended up shipping me a TON of fabric so this is just part one of three different color combos I did for her. It was pretty fun to do a custom order like this where the client shipped me the fabric. Definitely easier than searching the local fabric stores for the perfect match.

With one yard of fabric for each type of fabric I am able to make a large lovey (above), a medium lovey (below) and two small loveys.

Aren't these just adorable? I think they'll be a perfect present for a lucky baby girl!

Email me at if you would like to purchase a similar lovey.

Bear Hats

A photographer friend of mine emailed me to ask if I could create a hat similar to one she saw on Etsy. It was a cute hat with bear ears on it. I looked at the hat and similar ones on Etsy and got working to create what you see below. I am very happy with the finished product and want to start working with different color combinations to create a few other ones. What do you think?

And by the way... if you're in the Kitsap area (or close to) I highly suggest looking into hiring Delayna as your photographer. She does amazing work.

Photos below by Quiet Star Photography

Sorry for the lack of posts...

I've been quite busy over the holiday season. I had a mad rush of orders that flew in right before Christmas and have sort of been on a hiatus until now. I'm currently working on a small order for my friend and photographer, Tessa, at Grin & Share It Photography so I hope to have some great examples to show off :)

Here's a photo of a hat I recently did:

Photo courtesy of Quiet Stars Photography

Isn't he precious?!?

I'm also going to have a few shots of my little one in a few weeks as well sporting a few new hats.